How do I add an Instagram Posting (Business Profiles) Service?

Please ensure you have a Instagram Business Profile to be able to add this service.
Please note:
You have be the Admin of the Facebook page linked to your Instagram Business profile (under Page roles in your Facebook page Settings) to be able to post. An Editor access is not sufficient for posting.

1. Head over to Services > Add Services. Here you’ll see the list of our most popular services.

2. Find Instagram and click Add


3. In the dialog you’ll see the Instagram Posting (Business Profiles) option, click Setup.


4. Facebook will automatically pop up with the Admin account that has access to the Facebook Page and the Instagram Business Profile that are linked. Ensure to click on Edit Settings and NOT the name of the account in the connection box that is presented. 


Please Note:
If you haven't previously connected Instagram Business Profile to Sendible, please accept the permissions via Facebook and click Continue as... 

5. The next screen you see will have the following heading "Which Instagram Business accounts do you want to use with Sendible Business?" This will show a screen of all available Instagram Business accounts associated with the Facebook Account you have accessed. 

Ensure to select ALL of the Instagram Business Accounts that are presented.

6. Once all of the Instagram Business accounts have been selected click on 'Next'.


7. The next screen you see will have the following header "What Pages do you want to use with Sendible Business?". Ensure to select ALL of the Facebook Pages that are presented.

8. Once you have selected all of the Facebook Pages click on Next.


9. The next screen you see will have the following header "What is Sendible Business allowed to do?" Ensure to select all of these options as without all of these options selected when posting from Sendible to Instagram you may encounter issues

Important Note:
If you find that any one of these options are turned off, please press the Back button and select all Instagram Business Accounts and Facebook Pages. Setting an option to no will cause your post to be rejected.

10.  Once all of the options are enabled for all pages please click on Done.


11. You will then be presented with the final screen from Facebook advising you that "You've now linked Sendible Business to Facebook" from here click on the OK button. 


12. From the drop-down, select your Instagram Business Profile.

13. Click Save Settings to finish adding the service.


14. To post, simply select the Instagram Business Profile service from the Compose box, that is corresponding to the Instagram Posting (Business Profiles) service, you have just added.


If you are adding more than one Instagram Business Profile, please ensure you logged out of Facebook before doing so.
Please Note:
You can only include one image or a video when posting to an Instagram Business service. If you need to include multiple images or Stories in your post, please use the Instagram Reminder service.
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