How Do I Reconnect Facebook Pages in Bulk?

Please Note:
If you update your login credentials such as email or password you will be asked to reconnect your Facebook Services before you're able to post again. 
It will only reconnect the pages that are under the same Facebook admin. If you have pages that are managed under a different Facebook account, they would need to be reconnected using those login credentials.

If you have several Facebook Pages added to your account you can reconnect them in bulk, to do so please follow these steps:

1. Go to Services > Add Services 


 Go to Facebook and click Add


3. From the list of options, click Setup for Facebook Reconnect


4. Tick all the services you would like to reconnect or click Select all below the text box.

5. IMPORTANT: Click Save Settings to complete the reconnection process.

6. Or select Switch Facebook User if you want to change Facebook accounts.



If reconnecting a service does not address the issue and allow you to post out successfully, the issue may be related to permissions. Please see this page which will take you through addressing permissions issues.







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