How do I reconnect a Facebook Service?

If you update your security settings on Facebook such as your email address or password, you will need to reconnect any related Facebook Services including Pages before Facebook allows the posts through as we will no longer have the correct details to enable this.

Facebook can also revoke connections if you hit their throttle limits which they do not disclose or if your posts violate their Terms and Conditions.

Also, when Facebook does maintenance this can also lead to connections being affected.

To reconnect a Facebook service, please do as follows:


1. Go to Services >  My Services.





2. Locate the Facebook service that is no longer posting and click the Edit icon.





3. If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be directed to Facebook to re-submit the details for the appropriate Facebook account. Otherwise, if you are not logged into the correct Facebook account, please select Switch Facebook User at the bottom of the settings page so that you can log into the correct account.

4.Check all the settings for the service are correct and select the Update Account button.




If reconnecting a service does not address the issue and allow you to post out successfully, the issue may be related to permissions. Please see this page which will take you through addressing permissions issues.



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