How do I reconnect a Facebook Service?

Please Note:
If you update your login credentials such as email or password you will be asked to reconnect your Facebook Services before you're able to post again. 
Before you start reconnecting to your facebook page, please make sure you have logged out of Facebook in your web browser.

To reconnect a Facebook service, please do the following:

1. Go to Services >  My Services.


2. Locate the Facebook service that is no longer posting and click the Edit icon.


3. You may be asked to login again to your Facebook account if you're not logged on already. If you're logged on to the incorrect account, please use Switch Facebook User as per Point 5.


4. Check all the settings for the service are correct and select the Update Account button.

5. Or click Switch Facebook User to change user accounts.



If reconnecting a service does not address the issue and allow you to post out successfully, the issue may be related to permissions. Please see this page which will take you through addressing permissions issues.
If you have more than one Facebook page to reconnect to that is under the same Facebook admin, why don't you reconnect the Facebook pages in bulk. Please see How Do I Reconnect Facebook Pages in Bulk? which will take you through reconnecting in bulk.
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