How do I setup an Instagram First Comment for Instagram Posts?

You'll now be able to schedule a first comment along with your post which will appear on your Instagram posts, and you can set this directly from within the compose box. This feature will allow you to reduce the clutter in your captions, by not having to include hashtags in your original post, but by adding them in your first comment instead.


1. Select your Instagram Direct Posting service

2. A Hashtag Counter will be displayed in the text-box

3. The "First Comment" text box will appear beneath the test box



Important Note:
The warning of exceeding the number of hashtags does not appear when a post is in the Edit mode or Drafts mode. If you're post is then published with more than 30 hashtags, you post will appear on Instagram with the first comment missing, and you will receive a bounced message.


4. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so if you enter more than 30 hashtags, a red warning will be displayed notifying you of this

5. The Hashtag Counter will also be highlighted in yellow as soon as you exceed the 30 hashtag limit

6. If you delete some of your hashtags from the First Comment box, the warning message will be removed, and you'll be able to publish your post



Important Note:
@ Mentions can not be used in the Instagram First Comment field.

Instagram First Comment box will NOT display if you've selected a Service List which contains Instagram Direct Posting services. If you would like to be able to post the first comment with your post, this can only be done by selecting an Instagram Direct Posting service.

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