How To Access Your Key

Sendible uses for link shortening. The default option uses the free option. However if you have your own account you can also connect this within Sendible.

For further information on Publishing Preferences please see the following article:

How Do I Change My Publishing Preferences?

Please Note: pro integration is not available on the Small & Micro packages.

In order to connect your pro account you will need:

  • Your login.
  • Your API key. 

To find your username and API key from within your account please follow these steps:


1. Login to your account. (


2. Once you are logged in Navigate to the menu button and select ‘Settings’ from the drop down.


3. Next click on the  ‘Advanced Settings’.

4. Then on the option for ‘API Support’.

5. You will then see your API key.

6. If you ever need to reset your API key, select ‘Reset API Key’ located below your API Key in ‘API Support’.

7. Once you have your login and API key, you can then return to Sendible and the Publishing Preferences option and input these into Sendible.

8. Please ensure to select the Save option located in the bottom right hand corner.


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