How do I add an Instagram Reminder Service?

Please Note:
1. This service doesn't support direct posting to Instagram. For more information on how this works and why this is useful in some cases, please see this article.
2. This service does not enable reporting data to be returned for Instagram. Please set up an Instagram Stream service for the related Instagram account in order to select it in reports.

1. Head over to Services > Add Services. Here you’ll see the list of our most popular services.

2. Find Instagram and click Add.



3. In the dialog you’ll see the Instagram Reminder (Videos and Multiple images) option, click Setup.




4. You’ll be prompted to connect to your Instagram account if you're not already logged into Instagram. Follow the steps and then you'll be directed to the screen below.

5. Specify one or more user accounts that will receive the push notifications via our Sendible App.

6. In addition or as another option, you can also specify one or more email addresses to receive Email Notifications.

7. Once you've added in your settings, please select the Save Settings button.


You're now ready to begin posting!

8. To post to Instagram, click Compose button and select your Instagram Post service from the list. Choose a date and time to have this post go out.

Please Note:
The Instagram Post service displayed in your Compose box and My services corresponds with the Instagram Reminder service you have just added!

9. Then Attach an image or video to your post.

10. Once your happy with your post, press the Send Now button.



11. At the scheduled the time, you will receive your Push Notification via our Sendible App.

Please Note:
Once you click the notification Sendible App will forward the image to Instagram for posting. Please see our Instagram Push Notification Article for more information..


 If you have selected an email also, the recipient(s) you specified in Step 6 will receive an email notifying them that the attached image or video needs to be uploaded to Instagram.




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