How Do I Set Up A Group Of Permissions?


1. Click on the cog icon in the top right hand side of any page and then select Users in the menu.



2. Select Permissions from the menu to the right hand side of the screen.



3. The following window will be displayed, click on the + icon to set up a new group of Permissions.



4. Give your Permissions Group a name. This can refer to the type of users those Permissions will be applied to such as ‘Content Writers’.

5. Once you’ve given your group a name, select Create Group.




6. You can select the option to Rename or Clone that Permissions Group by selecting the More option. You can also Delete a Permissions Group or Select All the permissions options available.

7. Click on the box to the left of a Feature or Dashboard Area to make it available or unavailable. Ticked options mean that users who have this Permissions Group applied will have access to those options. If the option is unticked, they will not be able to access that feature or area of the Dashboard.

8. When you’re happy with the settings for that Permissions Group, select the Save or Apply button.



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