How Do I Add My Facebook Page To Sendible?


1. Select the Services tab.

2. In the drop down menu, select Add Services

3. Select the Add button where Facebook is listed.



4. The following pop-up will appear, select the Setup button opposite where the Facebook Fan Page option is listed.



5. Another pop-up will appear directing you to log into your Facebook account. If this does not appear, it means you are already signed into Facebook.


If you are trying to add a page that is not linked to the account you are currently logged into, please make sure you log out of that Facebook account in all windows and tabs and start again from step 1.


6. Once you’ve entered your login details, click Log In


Please Note:

Any and all permissions requested by Facebook must be accepted to ensure that we can send posts through to Facebook on your behalf. If any are skipped, we will not be able to add your Facebook Fan Page successfully.



Now you can start adding the settings for this service.

The system will automatically populate a name based on the Facebook account you’re logged into however this will be automatically updated to the name of the page you're looking to add once you've selected the appropriate Facebook Page.

7. You can also provide a custom name in the Description text box. This will be purely for your own reference on Sendible.

8. Select which Page you would like to add

9. Use geotargeting to personalize and segment content to different audiences. To target different fans of the same page, you can add the same fan page service as many times as you like and just change the geotargeting settings.

10. You can also select whether you want to have images included in posts to this service displayed as full size images on Facebook.

11. Lastly, you can select whether you want to receive alerts for new activity on that account and where you receive these alerts such as in the Priority Inbox and/or via email.

12. Once you’re happy with the settings you’ve applied, click Save Settings. That service will then be available to post to in the Compose box and add to Service Lists.





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