Which Platforms Does Sendible Support?

Sendible supports all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Wordpress, etc. Please see the list below for more information on what you can do with each platform: 

Posting updates to social media accounts:

Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Post (your personal profile)
Facebook Groups (only if you are the admin of the group)
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company Page
Google+ Profile
Google+ Page
Instagram Post - Schedule posts to your Instagram account. Note that due to restrictions with Instagram, the content to be posted will be emailed for manual posting from your mobile device at the appropriate time.
Foursquare Shout (post shouts to venues on Foursquare)
Foursquare Tip (post tips to venues you manage or other locations on Foursquare)
FourSquare Page (post updates to a Foursquare venue page that you manage)

Monitoring activity on social accounts via Streams:

Facebook Pages
Facebook Profiles
Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Company Pages
Instagram (manage your Instagram stream, retrieve analytics and read and respond to comments in your priority inbox)
Instagram Hashtag Search
Twitter List
Twitter Search
Twitter Stream (your tweets, mentions, retweeted tweets, direct messages, followers, etc.)
Twitter Profile Search


Posting updates to Blogs: 

Blogger and Blogspot (if your blog is linked to Feedburner, you will need to clear these settings)
Wordpress (self-hosted blog)
Wordpress.com (Wordpress hosted blog)


Photo and Video Services:

Facebook Cover Photo
Facebook Photo Album (personal profile albums)
Facebook Page Album


Keyword/Brand Monitoring and Other Services: 

Keyword and Brand Monitoring (monitor what's being said about your brand on blogs, micro-blogs, social networks and in comments)

Review Monitoring (monitor and respond to reviews about your business on sites like Yelp, CitySearch and many others)



OPML Importer (import your Google Reader RSS Feeds from an OPML XML file)
RSS Auto Poster (automatically post to your social networks and/or contacts from an RSS feed)


Automations -

Email Auto Responder (build and pre-schedule a series of automated emails for birthdays or event alerts that are triggered as soon as your customers subscribe to a list via our newsletter signup widget)
Group SMS (allow contacts to opt-in via SMS keywords and join your group. SMS credits are required to send and receive texts)
Facebook Auto Moderator (automatically remove comments/posts from your Facebook Pages that contain the terms or phrases you specify)
Twitter Welcome Messages (automatically send welcome messages to new followers)
Twitter Auto Replies (automatically send @ replies to people on Twitter who mention specific terms)
Twitter Auto Retweets (automatically retweet posts on Twitter based on specific terms)
Instagram Automation (automatically liking and/or following people)


 For details on how to add a particular service, please visit this link

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