Instagram and Facebook publishing updates being applied in early 2021

Tuesday 17th of November, 2020 10:00 am BST

Instagram and Facebook will be applying the following updates for all third parties including Sendible between January to March next year:

  • Every Instagram account will have a maximum publishing limit applied to it of 60 posts per month over a rolling period of 30 days. This will only apply when publishing via a third party such as Sendible directly to Instagram. This means you can supplement posting if needed by posting directly on Instagram or using our Instagram Reminder profile which will still allow you to schedule posts alongside the other posts that you’re creating within Sendible and manually push the post live to Instagram at the time it’s due to be published.
  • If your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook Page with a large audience, additional verification may be requested by Facebook. If this is requested, you will need to confirm the identity of who’s managing the page and apply additional security before you will be able to continue publishing directly to Instagram via Sendible or any other third party. The process will require:
  1. Enabling two-factor authentication to ensure the account is protected from unauthorized access.
  2. Turning on your mobile device’s location services so that Facebook can confirm your primary location

These updates are being made in the interest of maintaining the safety and integrity of Instagram's community. 

As yet, we don’t have specific dates as to when these updates will apply from but we are intending to look at what we can do within the platform to minimize any potential disruption they might cause to your workflows.

We will also be updating this page as and when we have further information.

If you have any feedback about these changes, you can provide it directly to the Instagram team via this survey.

Please Note:
Whilst some other third parties have advised that support is also being removed for tagging locations on Instagram, Sendible will continue to support this for the foreseeable future.
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