Services to Profiles Q and A

Last Updated: 14th of October, 2020

Update Outline:

For a full outline of what's changing and why, please check out our blog post about the move from Services to Profiles which covers this in depth.

You can also watch the video below for most of the Questions and Answers contained on this page and a brief overview of what's changing.



Questions and Answers:

Please Note:
Whilst we've looked to make this guide as comprehensive as possible to answer any questions you might have that are not addressed in the blog post, if you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Q) Will I need to reconnect related Facebook and Twitter services?

A) No, as with the migration to Instagram Business, reconnection will not be needed. You will automatically see Stream or ‘Feed’ options within your dashboard if you didn’t have these set up already or the ability to post where you previously only had a stream(s) set up. 

Reporting data will also start to be populated where you only had stream services set up previously.

Q) Will the pricing for my plan change?

A) Whilst we are providing additional functionality in most cases, you will still be charged the same rate you have been following this change.

Q) How do I account for these changes with my Clients?

A) If you previously used multiple services for streaming and posting to Facebook and Twitter, posting and streaming will now all be bundled into 1 profile with your current setup or when you add a new Facebook Page or Twitter account.

This means you can either pass on that savings to your customers or keep extra profiles to allow you to grow your client base.

Q) Why are you splitting up the Priority Inbox and Streams?

A) The Priority Inbox and Streams have always functioned independently. The Priority Inbox has always relied upon a posting service whilst a Stream has needed its own discreet Service which is separate to posting. 

Due to the way we displayed the Priority Inbox and Streams within the dashboard, this often lead to confusion with people thinking that they were fully connected, eg. selecting a stream meant filtering updates in the Priority Inbox, when this wasn’t the case.

To clearly indicate where you're able to monitor updates in real-time (Streams/Feeds) and where you can view and action messages you ideally need to respond to (the Priority Inbox), we’ve decided to split them up within the dashboard. 

For more information on the differences between the Priority Inbox and Streams, please see this page.

Q) Will I see a live feed for all my social accounts/pages?

A) No, this is still dependent on the social site and whether they allow us to pull through updates. We will still only be able to bring though activity such as comments and direct messages in some cases and only live Feeds for the following channels:

  • Instagram Business*
  • Twitter Profiles
  • Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn Company Pages

Q) Will I only ever need to use 1 social profile per account, page or group?

A) To have access to the main functionality of posting and receiving updates in real-time as well as reporting, this will largely be the case.

However, there will be some exceptions based on how some of the sites we integrate work and whether it’s something that specifically relates to that account, page or group.

Some examples of where you will need multiple profiles for additional functionality are:

  • Adding more than 1 Pinterest board.
  • Keyword and Brand Monitoring
  • Twitter Searches
  • Monitoring and responding to comments on your Facebook Ads
  • Adding Slack to your Sendible account so you can have updates from your social accounts/pages added to a particular Slack channel.

Q) Will I be able to select which type of Streams are added for Facebook and Twitter?

A) To make adding profiles as simple as possible, we will be adding all stream options by default for Twitter and Facebook.

This means that, for Twitter, you will automatically have access to view and interact with live feeds of that Twitter account’s:

  • Home timeline
  • Mentions
  • Direct messages
  • My Tweets
  • My retweeted tweets 
  • Followers

For Facebook, you’ll automatically have access to view and interact with live feeds of that Facebook accounts:

  • Timeline
  • Direct Messages

As this potentially means a lot more live feeds being available on your account than you had set up previously, we’re also going to be presenting feeds in a way that makes it easier to select a specific account or page and toggle between the different types of live feed.

At this stage, we don’t have any plans to provide the ability to add only particular live feeds or being able to toggle certain live feeds off or on under a specific user account but please do feel free to raise this as a feature request for future consideration.

Q) What will happen with the settings for my existing services?

A) As part of the consolidation of Twitter and Facebook Streaming and posting services, any settings you applied should be retained but this may give additional access for those profiles.

For example, if you’ve shared a Stream service for a Facebook Page with another user but not the posting service, the ability to post to that Facebook Page will become available to the person the Stream was shared with. 

Alternatively, if you’ve shared a Twitter posting service with another account, that account will automatically gain access to all live feed options for that Twitter account following the migration.

Both of the scenarios above are applicable for both Facebook and Twitter.

If you have applied other settings for Facebook Page or Twitter account posting service, eg. you’ve added information for custom tags or that service was added to a service list, this will still be retained and should not be affected by the migration.

Q) Will this affect Custom Reports?

A) Custom reports won’t be affected by the migration as reporting data is pulled through the current posting service for Twitter or Facebook.

As we will essentially just be adding additional functionality in terms of streams if you already have a posting service setup and reconnection will not be required, none of your reports will be affected.

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