White Label Apps Update 2020 Q & A

Update 9th July, 2020

Multiple social media platforms recently introduced tougher restrictions on how third-party apps can use their APIs.

The latest update from Facebook’s new Developer Policy states: “Be transparent about your identity and your app's identity", meaning that masking the true identity of Sendible without mentioning our brand name will no longer be possible.

As official marketing partners of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, it is our responsibility to abide by these guidelines in order to continue offering our service as a social media management platform so that you and your clients can continue to post with confidence.

As a result, from 31 August 2020, we will no longer be allowed to use a generic app to hide the fact that your clients are connecting their social media profiles through Sendible.

This update means that Sendible will be visible during the connection flow for profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Twitter. In some platforms, your clients may also see a Sendible attribution link just below their posts.

Where will we/our clients see Sendible?

1. When adding/reconnecting a profile - the apps for social sites that permission will be granted to will display “Sendible”.


2. If an app needs to be updated or revoked directly on the social site. Please see this page for examples of how these apps can be accessed on social sites.

3. If the publishing app is displayed on a social site, it will display Sendible and will be linked back to our site (if linked). However, this normally only happens when:

  • You’re viewing a Facebook page when logged in as the Admin of that Facebook Page. This is currently present on posts. However, as per the examples below, Facebook is also updating it’s layout and navigation and as yet is not displaying the publishing app on posts in this version:

Current Version:



New Version (No mention of posting App):


  • You open a Tweet in full on Twitter. In this case the name of the publishing app is displayed below the Tweet. In the example below, the App is currently still the generic one we have for Twitter. Once the App is renamed, it will display “Sendible” instead of “Social Media Publisher App”.


4. In the URL on a profile window when adding or updating a profile. This will also be applicable to Client Connect.


Will all related profiles need to be reconnected?

We are trying to minimize the impact to you and your users so as a first step, we will only be renaming and updating the apps we use. This includes both where apps are currently using “generic” names and used by both White Label and Sendible users currently, or where a separate app is used by White Labels.

An example of a generic App used by both Sendible and White Labels is:

  • Twitter

This has to be done so that we are clearly showing that our Apps are created and managed by us to align with social sites Terms of Use.

Where we do have a separate app for White Labels, we will also initially start off by renaming and updating these apps to reflect Sendible, however, we may need to ultimately retire these apps to ensure that we are fully aligned with all terms of use.

These include: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn

In these cases, reconnection would be needed before we retire them. However, we will give you as much notice as possible in these cases and look to assist wherever we can.


Does this apply to all Profiles?

This applies to any third-party site we integrate with where app permissions have to be granted. Please see below for the full list:



Google My Business






Blogger & Blogspot

Google Profiles such as Google Drive, Google Search and Google Analytics





How should I communicate these changes with my clients?

We've provided some suggested copy below but please feel free to adapt this as you need or let us know if you need additional help communicating this update with your clients.


 “We want to let you know that, moving forward, when connecting or reconnecting profiles, you might notice that our platform asks for permission to connect to a third-party app named Sendible. 

We want to reassure you that this is normal behaviour. We’re working directly with this third-party company to help us provide the best possible experience. Due to increasing changes within the social media industry, we have found partnering with this provider to be the best way forward.”


Will I be able to hide certain profiles?

We can only provide the option to either display all “Sendible” supported profiles - as we did with the recent YouTube and Pinterest update - or none.  

As this change will apply to the majority of the main profiles we support as outlined above, it’s not an option that we can offer.


What if my clients don’t login or manage profiles?

There is still a chance they will see Sendible in this case if they check their app permissions directly on their social account(s) or page(s), even if you’ve been given direct access to manage the account(s) or page(s).

Please see this page for examples.

What are the benefits of this update?

The main benefit is that by ensuring we align with these updates, we're able to not only continue to provide our integrations but also gain access to API updates earlier to enhance the profile offering.

If it’s something that you’re interested in, you can also have your clients contact us directly if they have any questions or are experiencing any issues within your White Label dashboard.

Please Note:
This will not include training on the dashboard or troubleshooting issues directly with social accounts/pages, eg. if a social account has been blocked or management has not been set up correctly.


What else can we do to prepare for this update?

We have tried to minimise the impact of this where we can so that as little action as possible needs to be taken, eg. reconnecting.

However, some profiles will need to be reconnected longer term and we have found that, due to a number of updates Facebook has made over the last two years around acceptance of permissions and to Facebook Business Manager, making sure that this is setup correctly is definitely a worthwhile investment.

This also applies to Instagram as it is owned by Facebook and direct publishing is only available if you link your Instagram account to Facebook.

We highly recommend:

1. Reviewing yours/your clients Facebook Business Manager setup to ensure that it aligns with how Facebook intends Facebook Manager to be used.

They’ve provided some great documentation around which you can send to your clients to review so we would recommend doing this as soon as possible:

Facebook Business Manager Training

Getting Started with Business Manager

We’d also recommend checking out this page if you do experience any issues adding or reconnecting Facebook profiles before and after this update.

2. Reviewing your Instagram Business setup if you encounter any issues now or after this update around adding or reconnecting Instagram Business Profiles.

Facebook does provide some documentation around this which you can review here.

We’ve also put together a great article to help troubleshoot issues we’ve come across with linking Instagram to Facebook and we highly advise going through each step if you or your client experiences issues adding or reconnecting Instagram Business Profiles.

What if I'd like to discuss this further?

Our CEO Gavin has opened up his calendar for 2 weeks to personally support you through this change. Please check the email you received from him for the link to book a time in his calendar.

Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or, if you don’t have one and would like to discuss your White Label plan and pricing, please contact our sales team by emailing sales@sendible.com or opening a chat from our main site.

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