Guide for Agencies and Larger Teams: 5 Steps to Get Started with Sendible

Sendible is the all-in-one social media management platform designed for agencies to manage multiple client profiles, efficiently launch content campaigns, and report on successes.

Watch this brief overview of what to expect before diving into the setup:

Make sure your agency is effective from day one by following these 5 steps:

Step 1: Setting up your account

Sendible is a collaborative tool that lets you streamline how your team manages social media for your clients and your brand.

User overview

There are three different types of users:

  • Administrators: Able to add, modify, and delete users as well as access billing and all of the dashboards of your team members, clients, and fellow admins.
  • Team Members: Can view and collaborate on posts, but will NOT have access to your billing or subscription information and they will not be able to add or remove users.
  • Clients: Only have access to their own dashboards and will be unable to see any other clients, team members, or admins.

Even if your clients never log in, we recommend setting up their own dashboard so you can easily manage their content and reporting.

Organise your team

You can also designate managers for your various admins, team members, and clients by using the User Hierarchies option. Team members under the same manager will be able to collaborate on each other's content. To learn more, follow the directions in this guide.

Create custom permission groups

If you'd like to have complete control over which users have access to each of Sendible's features, then creating permission groups is the way to go. Read on to learn how you can customise and save permission preferences for groups of users under your account

Heads up: This feature is only available to those on Large plans and White Label accounts.

Step 2: Adding social media profiles

Connect to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn by adding profiles. Each profile lets you directly post to the network, pull in comment streams, and retrieve reporting. 

Sharing profiles

After you add your profiles, you'll be able to share them with your team members without using up your profiles allowance.

Recommended profiles


  • Instagram Business for posting directly to Instagram, retrieving analytics, and receiving comments in Sendible. This is only available for Business Profiles, not Personal Profiles.
Heads up: Facebook owns Instagram so third-party tools can only access Instagram functionalities like direct publishing, stream engagement, and analytics through Facebook’s APIs. This means that you’ll need to have a Facebook Page associated with your Instagram Business Profile and authenticate your account through Facebook. Need help with your Instagram Business Profile or converting your personal profile? Click here!


Heads up: If you want to read and reply to comments on your Facebook Ads, you’ll have to add Facebook Ads separately. Make sure that the relevant Facebook Business Page has already been connected to Sendible.


  • Twitter for directly posting to Twitter and to monitor and interact with comments on the Home timeline, mentions, DM's, and more in real time.


  • LinkedIn Company Page to directly post to LinkedIn Company Pages and read and respond to comments

Profile Limit Reached? Add New Profiles Easily

Maxed out your profiles? Not a problem! Just head over to your Subscription Page to make your changes.

We bundle users with profiles so depending on your plan, you’ll receive 12-16 new profiles for every user added.


Client Connect

If you don’t have access to your client’s login details or you’re worried about safely storing their passwords, use Client Connect for a risk-free way that allows your clients to connect their social media profiles directly through a widget on your own website.

They’ll then be able to authorise you to manage their accounts through Sendible and you’re all set.


Step 3: Scheduling options

Whether you like to schedule posts days, weeks, or even months in advance, we’ve got a workflow for every work style.

With the Sendible Smart Compose Box, you can:

  • Customise messages for each platform to increase your engagement
  • Geotag your Instagram posts to extend your reach
  • Add Instagram hashtags to the first comment to increase your reach
  • Preview how posts will look on every platform
  • Schedule posts to go out at a specific time, optimised for your audience
  • Add tags for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Find relevant hashtags for Twitter and LinkedIn


Image and video highlights

Need to spruce up your posts with images and videos?

Here’s what’s available to you:

  • Upload files from your computer or easily add images from any website via URL
  • Use our image editor to optimise images for every platform
  • Explore our Canva integration to create your own visual content
  • Reuse content from your media library
  • Pull in YouTube videos with a URL so you can share in a cinch

Bulk uploads and calendar management

Use the bulk importer to breeze through scheduling your content calendar. Besides being a time saver, it also allows you the option to collaborate with your team on a CSV file and to get buy-in from stakeholders like agency clients before importing into Sendible. If you'd like to use approval workflows in Sendible, head on down to Step 4.  

Heads up: You won't be able to use the Smart Compose Box's ability to customise content based on social network when using the bulk upload feature.

Calendar management


Get a bird’s eye view of your scheduled content in the Calendar view. If you’re unhappy with the spread of the posts, then you can easily grab and move posts to another day. You can also filter the view based off of team members to get an idea of how each content campaign looks.

Smart Queues


Queues are one of our most popular time-saving features because they let you categorise content and create pre-set schedules to prevent any gaps in your calendar.

Source content and auto-post from RSS feeds

Struggling to fill up your content calendar? Explore our Content tab to find relevant articles from a range of topics. You can also set up RSS feeds for publications and blogs, as well as auto post new articles as soon as they’re live.

Content Library

Store copy and images in the content library for easy sharing across teams or to post at a later date such as frequently used hashtags and canned responses that can be used when replying to comments on your posts. 

Heads up: While you’ll be able to access previously published images no matter your plan type, only the Traction plan and up are able to add new content like complete social posts and blog posts.

Social Media Holiday Calendar

If you’re looking for additional content inspiration, explore our social media holiday calendar with holidays and events from around the world.

Step 4: Approval workflows

Whether you’re working with clients who want final say on posts before they go live or you’re maintaining consistency across a wider team, approval workflows help you reduce errors and keep the quality of your social media content high.

Step 5: Reporting

Reports are how you can wow your clients by sharing their social media performance successes that came out of all of your time spent planning, composing, and posting.

As long as you set up each client that you manage with their own dashboards, then the Engagement Report is a great overview of all of the profiles connected to their specific account.

Custom reports

If you combined multiple clients in a single dashboard or you want to make sure that you're only including relevant data that they'll pay attention to, then building reports from scratch is your way to go. By customising these reports, you'll be able to:

  • Add a cover page
  • Share it with other members of your team
  • Print the report with your own logo or that of your clients
  • Set it to automatically email on a regular schedule, saving you time with every client that you manage (available on the Growth plan and up)
  • Share a live URL link (available on the Large plan and up)

Heads up: This feature is only available to those on Scale, Expansion, Growth, and Large plans as well as White Label accounts.

Bonus: Monitor engagement with the Priority Inbox 

If community management is a service you offer to your clients, then you'll be able to manage comments on your posts from multiple platforms in one easy location.

Keep in mind that the Priority Inbox operates on a delay but provides an overview of all the incoming messages from your connected social media accounts. If you want to see activity in real time, please explore your Streams.

Partner with Sendible

Join our agency partner program to build trust with your clients. You'll have access to your own branded software solution that's powered by our leading social media management platform. While you focus on growing your revenue and upselling your services, we'll take care of all the maintenance work including providing troubleshooting support to your clients and giving you a dedicated customer success manager. 

We only approve a limited number of new partnerships a month, so click here to get started.  

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