Subscription and Payments FAQ - General

This page covers frequently asked questions around our Subscriptions and Payments including the payment methods we support and how to change the currency for your plan. For more information on managing your subscription and payments, please see this page.


What Payment Methods Do You Offer?

Please Note:
We currently only support paying in USD, EUR or GBP.

1. The standard payment method we offer is by Credit Card. We support all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Please Note:
Debit and Pre-paid cards are not supported. Your card will also need to allow international transfers if you are paying from outside of the UK.

2. If you would prefer to use another method of payment, such as PayPal or bank transfer, this will have to be handled via invoicing and requires a minimum of 3 months upfront payment. As this is also a manual process, a 3% processing fee will be applied to all payments.

If you would like to have invoicing set up for your account, please submit a ticket with the following information:

1. The email address that invoices should be sent to.

2. The address that should be included on the invoice.

3. Any additional information you need to have on the invoice, eg. a PO number, Tax number, etc.

4. The billing frequency you would like to have moving forward, eg. quarterly, bi-annual or annual.

Please note that our standard payment terms for invoices are 15 days. If you will need a longer amount of time to process the payment once the invoice is received, please let us know when you contact us.


When are Subscription charges made?

The charge for the next period of your subscription is always made upfront for the next period. So if you're paying monthly, for example, we'll bill you for the upcoming month, not the previous month based on your usage or similar. You can check when you're next due to be charged via the Subscription area as outlined on this page.


What happens if a payment cannot be charged for my Subscription successfully?

When we first attempt to charge you for the next Subscription period, if this charge is declined by your bank for any reason ad results in a failed payment attempt:

1. Your account will be put into the 'Grace Period'. This means you can still access it, post out from it, etc. for 7 days from when we first attempted the charge but you will experience some restrictions such as not being able to switch between different users on your dashboard.

2. We will notify the 'Main Admin' on your account via email that the payment has failed and the message received from your card provider as to why it was declined. Your 'Main Admin' is the admin account that was first created when signing up and which your Subscription is linked to.

3. We will notify all Admin user accounts via the dashboard that the Subscription payment could not be charged and to take action as soon as possible.

4. We will attempt to charge you once every day for 7 days. If all payment attempts fail, your account will be suspended and only admins will be able to access it to update payment details. Please go to this page if your account is suspended to update your payment details. If you have updated the card linked to your account but your account has still not been reactivated or you need more time to make the payment, please contact us.

How do I change the currency I'm being charged in?

Please see this page which includes how to change the currency for your Subscription.

If you've already been charged in one currency but need this charge to be made in GBP, USD, or EUR instead, please contact us.


What are user allocations?

A user allocation/license allows you to set up a user account on your Sendible plan. All of our plans come with a number of user allocations by default as outlined on our pricing page.

When you want to add more users than the standard user allocations linked to a plan covers, eg. the plan comes with 4 user allocations as standard and you want to add a 5th user, the system will charge you additionally for this as a new user allocation needs to be added.

User allocations can always be re-used, eg. if you delete a user account, you can still use the user allocation to set up a new user without being charged again.

The number of user allocations you're using towards both active and inactive user accounts under your plan will be displayed under your Manage Users page.


Please Note:
Even if a user account has been set to Inactive, it will still be using the related user allocation as the system will still be storing all the data related to that user account. Therefore, inactive users will still be charged for and an additional user allocation will need to be purchased if you are already using all the user allocations you already have available. 


How can I add or remove additional User Allocations from my subscription?

Please see this page for steps on adding or removing user allocations as well as upgrading or downgrading your plan.


Can I pause my Subscription?

Yes, if you don't need to use your accounts for a while but are planning to come back, you can pause your Subscription so you're not charged. This means that you will no longer be able to access the dashboard and no posts will be sent from your accounts whilst your account is paused. Please see this page for more information.


What Discounts do you offer as standard?

We currently offer set frequency discounts as follows:

5% for paying Quarterly (3 Months)

7% for paying Bi-Annually (6 Months) 

15% for paying Annually

We also offer discounts as standard for Non-profits, please see this page for more information.


Can I use multiple discounts at the same time?

We don't allow for discounts to be stacked. For example, if a 20% discount code has been applied to your plan but you're paying annually, the overall discount amount will still be 20% as the discount code is used instead of the frequency discount.


Can I upgrade my plan when I'm on a trial without being charged?

We won't charge you for your plan, whether you choose to upgrade or downgrade, until your trial ends.

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time by following the steps on this page.

Please note, however, that additional users cannot be purchased when trialling any of our plans. You will need to have paid for a minimum of 1 month's subscription in order to purchase additional users.



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