How will my GIF be handled when posting to a social site?

When posting GIF attachments to any social media platforms via their API (how third-party platforms like Sendible integrate to social sites), you’ll find that there are restrictions in place which can prevent the GIF from being successfully published.

With most social sites this is not the case when logging in and posting directly to your social media accounts, however, all social media platforms apply restrictions for users posting via their API (how we integrate with third parties), and these restrictions differ from channel to channel.

This article will outline things you need to know about posting a GIF to a social site and which social sites allow GIF posting via their API. You can jump to the social site you need by clicking on the social site on the right of this article.

Important Note:
If the social site is not on the side-bar list - posting GIFs via API is NOT currently available.

92757_like_606x606.png  Facebook

Important Note:
You can publish only single-GIF post on Facebook for it to be animated. If you attach an image or another GIF to your post, none of the GIFs will be animated.
  • Up to 15 MB in size.
  • If your GIF image width is greater than > height blank space will appear next to the GIF on Facebook. Same behavior as if you post natively on Facebook Page.

Twitter-icon.png  Twitter

GIF format is accepted on Twitter and animated GIFs are handled well. Please check following recommendations for uploading animated GIFs on Twitter:

  • Up to 10 MB in size.
  • Gif images are also supported (up to 1280x1080 pixels)

888033_logo_512x512.png  LinkedIn

GIF format is accepted on LinkedIn both for Company pages and for LinkedIn profiles. A GIF image will be animated when published.

color.png  Instagram 

As for the time being GIF format posts are only accepted when posting to Instagram directly. However, it won't be animated when published via the API.

Please use our Instagram Reminder profile to publish GIFs using in-app notifications.

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