Instagram Update Required March 2020: Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

If you’ve been curious about trying an Instagram Business Profile, now is your chance to shine! At the end of the month, Instagram will be reducing the functionality offered on Personal Profiles when using third parties. The integration will now be fully hosted via Facebook’s API which currently only supports Instagram Business Profiles.

We recommend switching your Instagram Personal Profile to an Instagram Business Profile by March 23, 2020 to not only continue receiving Instagram comments and analytics, but to also gain the ability to directly post to Instagram

Heads up:
If you already have an Instagram Business account and you’re also using our Instagram Stream and Analytics profile, then you don’t need to take any further action.

With this change, you’ll get perks like 

  • Direct posting onto Instagram 
  • Including a first comment to go out with each post #Awesome
  • Geo-tagging locations to improve your reach and discoverability 

 Once you’ve made the switch: Come back to Sendible, authenticate your converted account through Facebook, and you’ll be all set to start posting. 

Click here to learn how to convert my Instagram account. You can also do this directly within Facebook. If you run into any issues, please see this page for common troubleshooting steps.

Q & A

Will my Instagram Personal Account(s) be supported at all?

Yes, we’re looking to keep our Reminders profile so you can still schedule and receive push notifications when it’s time to post to your Instagram Personal Account. However, we’ll no longer be able to fetch data from your Instagram Personal Account for Analytics or Stream updates. You’ll need to convert to an Instagram Business Account to keep receiving these updates in Sendible.

Should I delete my Instagram Stream and Analytics profile(s) after I’ve converted to an Instagram Business Account?

No, please keep any Instagram Stream and Analytics profiles you have set up as this will help us make sure your reporting data is not affected. We will consolidate these with the Instagram Direct Posting profile  once this functionality is fully deprecated on Instagram’s API.

Will my Instagram data be affected?

We are looking to ensure that your Instagram data will not be not affected to prevent any gaps or similar in reporting. 

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