Important steps to take before you start using your new White Label

The following steps only apply for the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google My Business.

No further action is required for any other added Profiles.

I've added one of these Profiles already

If you have added any of the Profiles that are affected via, in other words before your  White Label was completed, please go through the following important steps:

1. Do you have scheduled posts already? If so, please read "I've scheduled messages through the dashboard" below

2. Go to Profiles > My Profiles in your new White Label dashboard 

3. Delete the profile if you've added twice ensure to delete the older one

4. If you had already added the profile prior you can rename it back

OR if you haven't followed the steps for having scheduled messages:

4. Re-add the Profile, ensuring you're using the new White Label Dashboard


I've scheduled messages through the dashboard

This only applies if you've scheduled messages: There are 2 options you can take, before doing so please add each of the Profiles again and, in the description (as this will only be relevant when viewing the profiles within your dashboard) add ‘2’ or similar to the description.

This will help you differentiate between the previously added Profile added via the Sendible dashboard and the new one you're now adding via your White Label.

Option 1

You can wait for all the scheduled messages are sent out. When all messages have been sent out, please select the new duplicated Profile you have added labeled as "2" (As per the paragraph above).

Please be aware if you change the password or if the Profile requires a reconnection it will cause posts to bounce (in other words, they will fail) and you will need to re-add the profile at this stage, even if you still have posts scheduled to be sent out.

Option 2 

You can update each of the scheduled messages to use the most recent Profile added via your White Label labeled as "2". (As per the paragraph above).

To do this:

1. Go to Engage > Scheduled

Steps needed for each individual post:

2. Click Edit icon, beside each post

3. Once compose box appears, delete the profile in question

4. Add the newly added Profile labeled as "2"

Have you completed all these steps for all your scheduled posts? Great! Let's scroll back up to "I've added one of these Profiles already" to continue with the last remaining steps.

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