How Do I Delete a Service From the Dashboard?

Important Note:
This article goes through the steps on how to delete a Service from the dashboard and what you need to know when deleting a Service as it affects other areas within the dashboard.

1. Go to Services > My Services from the top navigation of the Dashboard.

2. Find the Service in question you would like to delete and click the "Bin icon" bedsite the Service.


 You will be prompted with a message to confirm this action, to delete click "Yes Proceed"


Important Note:
Please remember when deleting an Instagram and Twitter Service, your historic reporting data will be deleted. This does NOT apply for Facebook and LinkedIn. Any scheduled messages or messages within the Sent view with this service added to will be removed and replaced with No Service Selected.
If you're not sure about deleting the service due to a reconnection issue, add a new service BUT rename the service within the description field it to differentiate between the two services. If adding the second service solves the reconnection issue, then delete the old Service. Or contact us by submitting a support ticket 
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