Instagram & Facebook Service Updates

Facebook & Instagram have been running an initiative to ensure the users of their platforms are conforming to their community guidelines/standards.

A number of users have reported issues experienced from both the Instagram and Facebook platforms. 

Instagram Warnings

Instagram may have presented you with a warning in regards to sharing passwords with 3rd Party App Services that help you gain more followers and likes.

These warnings give one of these two notifications: 

  • The account has been compromised prompting users to reset passwords
  • The account is temporarily blocked with a time limit of when the block is removed. 

This message appears if you have shared your password with any 3rd party service that is not an official partner of Instagram. 

There are steps you can take to prevent this from happening:

Please Note:
Sendible is an official Instagram Partner and are in full alignment with the Terms and Conditions laid out by them. This warning is not caused by the use of Sendible

Facebook Posting Issues

In a similar vein, users have also reported that they have received messages that the post they are making do not conform to the community guidelines from Facebook. 

This issue can occur when using links in a Facebook post. Facebook have recently updated their community standards and have stated that:

Users should not Mislead people about the destination of links off our services (for example, providing a display URL that does not match the destination URL)

We are currently following up with Facebook to determine whether any updates need to be made to our features to assist with the updates to their Community Standards.

Important Note:
As a recognised Instagram partner we fully support Instagram & Facebook's prioritisation of Security. 


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