LinkedIn Updates and What You Need to Know

Exciting news! LinkedIn has been making updates to their API (how third parties used to connect to LinkedIn) and we're upgrading to the latest Linkedin API Version.


Why are we doing this?

LinkedIn has deprecated Version 1 of their API and requires all third parties to migrate over to the new version.

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to ensure this change has minimal impact on your posting and we are now pleased to confirm that the migration to Version 2 of LinkedIn's API will be fully complete as of next week Monday the 29th of April.


IMPORTANT: How does this affect me?

Due to the changes being made, it is important that all LinkedIn Profiles are reconnected individually to avoid any disruption to the publishing of your scheduled posts.

Here are the action you will need to take, depending on the scenario specific to you:

Scenario 1:

I have rights to my client's LinkedIn Company Pages using my own LinkedIn Profile.

Action: Reconnect your own LinkedIn Profile and it will auto-reconnect all the LinkedIn Company Pages across all users on your Sendible account for you automatically.

Scenario 2:

I manage multiple Linkedin Profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages.

Action: Reconnect all LinkedIn Profiles individually along with any others that may be associated with the Company Pages. When you reconnect your Linkedin Profiles, it will automatically reconnect all the LinkedIn Company Pages associated with those profiles across all users on your Sendible account.

Scenario 3:

My clients have added their LinkedIn Profiles via Client Connect.

Action: A reconnection email will be sent to your clients containing instructions explaining how they can reconnect.

Are there any functionality changes I should be aware of?

Linkedin Profile Service:

Priority Inbox: We now pull more comments, including sub-comments and replies to comments.

Priority Inbox: For privacy reasons, initially LinkedIn avatars will be replaced with a generic profile image, however, as soon as this is made available to us again we will look to support it.


Linkedin Company Service:

Reporting: "Total followers" has been renamed to "All-time followers". Which means that now it shows the total number of your followers as well as daily gains and losses within the same module. 



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