How to access your key?

Sendible integrates with to provide link shortening. The default option uses the free option. However, if you have a account you can connect your account within Sendible.

Please Note: pro integration is not available on the Starter or Traction plans.

For further information on Publishing Preferences, please see the following article:

How Do I Change My Publishing Preferences? API has migrated from v3 to v4, and so have we!! For more information on this, head over to their article Migrating from v3 to v4 of the Bitly API.

Please Note:
For existing users that have already been using their own account, you’ll need to obtain an OAuth access token. Carry on reading this article or go to’s support article How do I find my OAuth access token?

In order to connect your pro account you will need:

  • Your access token (OAuth access token)
  • (Optional) Your Pro domain
To use a custom domain instead of a link, you’ll need to upgrade to the basic plan. Then add the pro domain in the optional field

To obtain your OAuth access token, please take the following steps:

1. Log in to your account


2. Go to Username > Profile Settings


3. Go to Generic Access Token to generate your OAuth access token



4. Enter your Password of your account

5. Click Generate Token

6. Click Copy on the Generic Access Token pop-up 


7. Once you’ve copied your Generic Access Token, return to Sendible > Settings > Publishing Preferences > URL shortening and input your details.

8. Remember to click the Save option to ensure the updated details have been saved.



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