Why do my clients get mention alerts?

For Keyword and Brand monitoring searches, you can set up to receive email alerts for mentions you are searching for.

If you or your client do not wish to receive these email alerts anymore, you can change these settings by going to Monitoring or My profiles > then select the Keyword search you are receiving mention alerts from.

1. In your profile settings, you have the ability to set mention alerts to be sent to you via email based on different criteria, such as setting the frequency (daily or weekly) or the sentiment (negative, positive or any) of the mention, you would like to receive alerts for. 

2. You can also enter which email address (or multiple email addresses) you would like to receive mention alerts for. 

Please Note:
If you want to stop the mention alerts then you will need to set the frequency to Never, and delete any email addresses, you might have entered previously.

3. Please remember to select the Save Changes button to apply changes you have made to the settings.


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