Troubleshooting Instagram Scheduler Push Notifications Issues

From time to time, push notifications may not come through and usually this is due to the service setup or Sendible App setup. Please follow these steps to help us troubleshoot the issue and help you get a quicker resolution.

 1. Have you allowed Push Notifications on your mobile device?

To ensure that this is turned ON, please go to:

  • iPhone: Settings > Notifications > Sendible
  • Android: Settings > Apps and Notification > See all apps or App info > Sendible 
Please Note:
The menu options may differ for Android users, depending on the Android version you're running.


2. Have you selected your user account(s) under the Instagram Service?

Go to Services > My Services > and click the Instagram Scheduling Service in question then ensure that the correct user(s) is selected.


3. Are you logged on to the correct account on the Sendible App?

You can find out which account you're logged into by:
1. Opening the Sendible App
2. Clicking the iconfinder_menu-24_103174__1_.png Menu icon on the top left
3. Scroll down to "Settings"


4. Have you tried to logout and log back in on the Mobile App?

To logout please do the following:
1. Click the iconfinder_menu-24_103174__1_.png Menu icon on the top left
2. Scroll down to "Sign out"
3. Click "Yes" when prompted


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