How do I batch import RSS Feeds into Sendible?

This article covers how you can batch import RSS Feeds into Sendible if you have quite a large number you want to add at one time. When using RSS Feeds in Sendible you can, along with using the default options, import an OPML file. An OPML file will allow you to Batch Import feeds into Sendible.

Please Note:
The following article will provide details on how to create an RSS Feed within Sendible:
When creating an OPML file it is necessary to create this using Feedly. Feedly offer a free account option.

1. When you first open Feedly you need to start following some publishers. So you can then add their sources to your feed. You can do this by clicking “Add Content”.


2. You can then find content to follow by either searching for a topic, website or RSS Link.


3. Once you have found some sources that you would like to follow you can click on the follow button.


4. Clicking on the new feed button will present you with an option to create a name for your feed. In this example I have called the feed Marketing.


5. Once created you will see the feed and it’s sources listed on the right hand side of the Feedly screen.


6. You can continue adding in sources to build up the feed ready to be exported.


7. Once you have a number of sources to export you can click on the settings button which will take you to the Organize Sources page.


8. Using the top selection box you can select all the feeds you wish to export.


9. Using the export option in the top right hand corner of the Organise Sources page, you will then be taken to the download page option.


10. On the download page you can then download your OPML file for import into Sendible.


11. With the OPML file saved to your computer you can now return to Sendible. To import this file navigate to Content > RSS Feeds.


12. On the Feeds page select the option for New Feed > Import Feeds.


13. You will then have a pop up window called Batch Import Feeds. You can either drag and drop your OPML file onto the Batch Import Feeds box, or select the option to Browse Files.


14. After selecting your file the feeds will automatically update and be imported into Sendible. You will know when this has been achieved as the feed will have green ticks next to them in the Batch Import Feeds window.

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