Why are my reporting modules not displaying data?

General Troubleshooting checklist

In some instances, modules in your custom report might not show any data or may not have updated the data they are currently displaying.

When this happens, there are a couple of things you can do to correct this (other than for Instagram reporting, please see jump link on the right):


1. Do you have enough activity on your social site for the data to be generated?



Examples of possible error messages displayed

If there is very little or no activity/engagement at all on the relevant social channels or pages for your selected time period, we may not be able to display data until there is enough new activity.

Please try adjusting the filter for the time period or look to generate more activity on your page. You may want to check out our Insights blog for ideas to help you maximise engagement with your audience.

Users on a Small plan and above, have the ability to download and use raw reporting data as a CSV or HTML file, to check your monthly data day by day. Please see this article for more information and this article of how to create your own charts using this data!


2. Does your service need to be re-connected?






There will be an error message shown, if the service you are trying to pull reporting data for, is disconnected and needs to be re-connected. A service can be disconnected by the social sites for various reasons.

To reconnect the service, please see the following articles:

Please Note:
LinkedIn expires access tokens every 60 days, for security reasons, so you will need to reconnect your LinkedIn service every 60 days.


3.  Have you added a module to your report before re-connecting the related service or after deleting a service you are looking to get analytics for?

If you had the module added to your report previously, and then you re-connected or re-added the service after deleting it, the module will likely not generate data or will not update its current data.

This is because the module may still be trying to pull data from the disconnected or old service. Once you've reconnected or re-added the relevant service, please proceed to the next step.


4. Have you tried refreshing the module? (both Custom and Quick reports)

r5.pngQuick reports 


Custom reports

Sometimes you will find that refreshing the module by clicking the circular arrow icon (quick reports) or the Refresh option by clicking on the cog (custom reports) will update the module.

If after refreshing the module, your module still shows incorrect data or no data at all, please proceed to the next step. 


5. Have you tried removing the module from your report, then re-adding it again? (Custom reports only)


Removing and re-adding a module should force the module to start pulling data from the correct service if you've re-connected or re-added a service after deletion.

If you are still having issues with a specific module after going through the above steps, please log a ticket using the option in this help centre with a brief outline of the module/s that are not updating and the name/s of the related reports we'll take it from there.

Instagram Quick and Custom reports

Important Note:
In order for Instagram analytics to be retrieved, you first and foremost need to add a separate service called Instagram Stream & Analytics. If you have only added Instagram Posting (Business profiles) and/or Instagram Reminder (Post), there will be no data pulled.

Please see this article on how to add an Instagram stream service.

After adding a new Instagram Stream service, please allow 24 hours for the data to start being displayed in any related reports.

Instagram reporting is somewhat special and different from other social sites. This is due to Instagram's API restrictions (API = the way Sendible integrates with social sites, like Instagram) as they don't let third parties access and pull data retrospectively. 

What this means for you:

  • You will only have reporting data available starting from the date you added (or re-connected) your Instagram Stream service, and there will be no data displayed before this date.
  • Data will not be displayed and cannot be retrieved from Instagram for any periods where an Instagram Stream service has been deleted or disconnected. 

Example of a report with a disconnected Instagram Stream


Unfortunately Instagram Streams can be disconnected by Instagram for a number of reasons and we have no way to predict this. This is usually when your reporting modules will show the above error message.

However, if your Instagram Stream service is disconnected, you will be able to see and rectify this using the following 2 options in your dashboard:


1. Your Notification center by accessing the Bell icon on the top left side of your Dashboard. If you click on the disconnection notice, you will be taken straight to the service that needs to be reconnected.


2. In the Engage > Inbox section, by selecting your Instagram Stream from the list on the right side.

Please Note:
To successfully reconnect an Instagram Stream service, you will need to be fully logged out from your Instagram account in your web browser, for more information of how to re-connect a Stream, please see this article.
Important Note:
As soon as you notice an Instagram Stream service is disconnected please re-connect the service as any time the Stream is not connected, data cannot be pulled. This means that, due to the API restriction mentioned above, you will likely have missing/lost data from your report as this data cannot be retrieved retrospectively.

Google Analytics reports

In the case of Google Analytics custom and quick reports, the account can be disconnected by Google and will show that it needs to be reconnected. This is especially likely to happen if you're managing more than 10 websites within 1 Google account.

Important Note:
If you have more than 10 websites linked to Google Analytics, you would need to separate them into other Google user accounts. For example, if you have 20 Google Analytics pages you're managing, you would need to separate them equally between 2 Google user accounts.
If you're accessing a quick report for Google Analytics, it will prompt you to re-select the Google Analytics account.

To re-connect your Google Analytics account for a custom report, please follow the steps below:



1. Go to your custom report you wish to have Google Analytics modules included within Sendible in Measure > My reports.



2. Select the module that's disconnected and not displaying data.

3. Remove the module from the report.



4. Go to Add module and select the Google Analytics tab, then click on the + plus icon next to the module you need to re-add.



5. You will be prompted to log into your Google account.



6. You will be asked to grant access for Sendible to your Google Analytics data. Press OK.



7. You will then need to select the Google Analytics account and website to retrieve the data from. Once you click Add, the module will be added to your report.

Please Note:
If you need to re-connect more than 1 module, you will need to go through the above steps for each module.



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