Why is my Instagram Business profile not appearing in the drop-down list?

This support article outlines the steps you should take when your unable to add your Instagram profile, because it doesn't appear to be available in the drop-down list when adding it as a service. See more on this issue on our Service Status page.

Workaround 1

The first thing you'll need to do is log in to your Instagram account on the Instagram app on your phone, and revert your Instagram Business Profile back to a Personal Instagram Profile.

You can do this by following the steps outlined here

Once this is done, log in to your Facebook Profile, and go to the Facebook Page your Instagram Business Profile was connected to.

Once in there, you'll want to make sure that your Instagram account is completely disconnected from your Facebook Page, and you can do this by following the steps outlined here:

1) Click on Settings at the top-right corner of your Page.

2) Click on the Instagram option in the list on the left.

3) Scroll down, and click on Disconnect.


Important Note:
Please do NOT convert your Instagram profile back to an Instagram Business Profile via the Instagram app, as this will happen automatically as soon as you log in to your Instagram account in your Facebook Page settings.

Now, refresh your browser, go back to your Facebook Page Settings, and:

4) Click on the Instagram tab

5) Click on the Log In option which appears to the right.

6) This should prompt you to enter your Instagram Login details, for the Instagram account you wish to connect to this Facebook Page, and convert to an Instagram Business Profile.

Please Note:
Be sure to accept the permissions requested in this process so as to ensure Sendible has the necessary permissions to be able to post on your behalf


Once you've logged in, your personal Instagram profile will have been converted back to an Instagram Business Profile, and you'll be able to add it as a service on your Sendible account. So please follow the steps outlined here in order to do so.

Workaround 2

Important Note:
Please make sure you've tried Workaround one before trying this step

If this has not worked, then you will have to try this again, adding one more step, where you'll have to remove the Sendible Business Integration From Facebook's Business Integrations.

Bear in mind, this means that you will need to reconnect all your Instagram Posting services from within your My Services page.

To remove this integration, please go to your Facebook Settings page (here) and then:

1) Go to Business Integrations

2) Tick the Sendible Business integration

3) Click on Remove


Once this is done, please perform steps 1-6 from the beginning of this article once more, and then try adding the service one more time.

Workaround 3

If You're still unable to add your Instagram Business Profile as a service, you can try making someone else an admin on this Facebook Page (such as a colleague, a friend, or even your own personal Facebook profile if you have one) and try adding it one more time.

To do this, please go to your Facebook Page Settings and then:

1) Go to Page Roles

2) Enter the Email address, or the name if the person you'd like to add (make sure you're friends on Facebook first), and select them from the drop-down list which will appear

3) Select the Admin option

4) Click Add


Once you have made them an admin on the Facebook Page your Instagram Business Profile is connected to, log out of Facebook, Log in to your Sendible account, try adding the service one more time, and when it prompts you to enter your Facebook login details, Please enter those of the person who you have just made an admin.

When selecting the Page in the drop-down list, yours should appear, however if it does not, please contact our support team.

Still an issue?

No worries!
We'll take over from here, please submit a support ticket or email support@sendible.com.
Please ensure you mention you have taken the 3 typical troubleshooting steps and if you can provide screenshots of the issue and the steps you took to replicate the issue, even better!


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