Why Is My Google My Business Listing Not Appearing Within the Drop-Down?

There are a few reasons as to why this could happen:

1. Do you manage more than 100 locations?

Due to Google My Business API restrictions (What we use to connect) we are unable to pull more than 100 GMB locations. As a workaround you can split these between different Google accounts.


2. Is the location verified?
You can check this by visiting: https://business.google.com/locations - Please ensure the location in question is "Published".


3. Is your listing part of a franchise?

If you are posting to Google My Business Listing which has more than 10 locations (franchise) you will receive the following bounce message "This location belongs to a chain. The Local Post API is disabled for this location".

Unfortunately listings over 10 locations are not supported via the Google API (What we used to connect). 


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