Emoji troubleshooting

Emojis Displaying as Plain Text

If you created a post before November, 2018 and the post included Emjois, these Emojis will now display as plain text when you view the message on your Sendible dashboard, eg.:



The Emojis will still post correctly as long as they are available on the site that you're posting to.


Complex Emojis

These are Emojis that are created by combining a number of existing Emojis -  these will display as multiple Emojis in Sendible when you've created your message.

As long as the complex Emoji is handled by the site that you're posting to, however, the fully combined Emoji will display correctly on that site.

A good way to confirm whether the Emoji is supported by the site you're posting to is by checking on https://emojipedia.org which gives a list of the sites and devices that will handle that complex Emoji successfully.

For an example of what this will look like, here's a complex Emoji made up of the Man, Woman and Boy Emojis:


When this is added into the Compose Box and the message is created, the Emoji displays like this in Sendible:


As long as the Emoji is posted to one of the sites that supports this Emoji, which you can see from this page is Facebook and Twitter, it will post the full complex Emoji, not the Man, Woman and Boy Emojis as separate Emojis.



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