How do I add a Facebook Ads service?

This service enables comments from your Facebook ads to come through to your Priority inbox, so that you can reply to them from the Sendible. Currently, posting ads directly to Facebook isn't supported, however, you can use Dark Posts if you'd like to add posts to your Facebook Ads Manager to publish as ads. Please see this page for more information on posting Dark Posts.

1. First go to the Services option and select Add services.

2. Find the Facebook Ads service and click on the Add button. A pop-up window will appear.



3. If you are not already logged into your Facebook account in your web browser, you will be prompted to log into the account that’s associated with your Facebook Ad account. 


4. Select the Ad account you wish to add.

5. Here you can select the Facebook Fan Page you would like to use to reply the comments that come in from your ads.

6. You can also set up where to have the notifications for any new activity to be received. This is set to be your Priority inbox only by default, but you can change this to receive email notifications as well or none at all.

Please Note:
The email address used for these notifications is the one that’s associated with your Sendible account by default.

7. Click on Save Settings to finish and save setting up the service. Once the service is set up you can monitor and reply to any incoming comments from you Facebook Ads in your Priority Inbox. 

Repeat these steps for each Facebook Fan Page you wish to set up a Facebook Ads service for.

Please Note:
How often your Priority Inbox is updated is dependant on your plan.



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