What are the differences between Instagram Reminder and Instagram Business profiles posting?

In this article, we cover the Instagram Profiles along with outlining the pros and cons of each of them.

Please Note:
Due Instagram's API restrictions (what third-parties use to connect to Instagram) there is certain features you cannot use, please refer to our comparison chart to help you decide which ones to set up.


Instagram Profiles

instagram-business.png Instagram Business profile
This profile allows you to post and schedule a single image or video directly to Instagram as well as pull any comments into the Priority Inbox and to pull analytics. (We cannot pull retrospective data)
How do I add this Profile?
logo-symbol-pos-transparent-lightblue.png iconfinder_arrow-right_227601.png iconfinder_social-03_3146786.png    


instagram-post.png Instagram Reminder profile (Posting via Sendible Mobile App)
This profile sends the message via our Sendible Mobile App to allow you to post multiple images, single videos and stories. How to set this up?
logo-symbol-pos-transparent-lightblue.png iconfinder_arrow-right_227601.png sendible-phone-app.png iconfinder_arrow-right_227601.png iconfinder_social-03_3146786.png
Instagram Reminder profile requires you to take action upon receiving a notification via the Mobile App if action is not taken the post will not be sent to Instagram.



Comparison Chart


Business Profile


Direct Posting  iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png iconfinder_Close_Icon_1398919.png
Post a one image iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png  iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png 
Post multiple images iconfinder_Close_Icon_1398919.png  iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png 
Post videos  iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png

Post to stories

iconfinder_Close_Icon_1398919.png  iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png

Pull comments to priority inbox

iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png iconfinder_Close_Icon_1398919.png 

Analytics data*

iconfinder_Tick_Mark_1398911.png * iconfinder_Close_Icon_1398919.png

*Please remember we do not pull analytics data retrospectively. 





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