Expected disruptions to Facebook services on Sendible 07/26/2018 - Resolved

Facebook is working hard to win back the trust of their users due to the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and its history with malicious apps misusing their platform and the data of its users. Due to this, all applications and service providers that connect to Facebook, including Sendible, can experience errors during this transitionary period.

As Facebook is currently making a lot of updates to their API, it may cause some disruption to our users. This could include:

Reconnecting your Facebook Fan Pages: See How do I reconnect a Facebook Service? for more information on reconnecting your Facebook Fan Pages.

Updating your Facebook Groups permissions: See How to Add the Sendible App to a Facebook Group? for more information on adding and reconnecting your Facebook Groups.

If a post does not go out as scheduled, it will be placed in the ‘Bounced’ view in your dashboard so you can schedule it again. To understand what the error may be, more information will be provided in your bounced view.

The disruptions may occur over the next three weeks and we may not always know what these updates are, despite being Facebook Marketing Partners. However, when any changes are made, we will update the following articles:

Thank you for your patience through this time.

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