How can I add my Facebook Group?

In order to add a Facebook Group to your Sendible account so you can post updates to it, you will need to add the Sendible app to your Facebook Group first. This page will walk you through adding the Sendible App to your Facebook Group as well as adding the Group as a profile on Sendible.

Please Note:
You have to be the Admin of the Facebook Group to add the app to it and to add the Group as a profile on Sendible.

Adding Sendible App to Facebook Groups

1. Open your Facebook Group in your browser and click Settings under Admin Tools.


2. Scroll down to Advanced Settings > Click Edit Apps.


3.  Scroll down Group Apps and click on the Add Apps button.

4. In the Group App settings search in all apps for the Sendible app.

5. Click on the Sendible app (with the purple logo) to add it to your Group.  If you see more than one option please make sure to add all 4 of them one by one to your Facebook group, except the Sendible Business app.

6. Press the Add button, when prompted in a new pop-up window.


7. If the Sendible app is successfully added, you will see the Sendible logo appear in the  Apps section.

8. Repeat steps 3 - 7 to ensure all 3 apps have been added.

Important Note:
Please log out of your Facebook in your web browser at this point.

Adding your Facebook Group as a Profile

9. Now open up your Sendible dashboard and go to Profiles > My Profiles.

10. Then select your Facebook Group profile from your list of profiles.


 11. You will be prompted to log into your Facebook account. 

Please Note:
Please make sure you are logging into the Facebook account the Group is associated with.


12. When prompted give permission to Sendible.


13. Once you’re logged in, you should be able to select the Facebook Group you want to reconnect to Sendible from the drop-down.


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