Facebook Profile and Milestone Update FAQ

As of August 1, 2018, you will no longer be able to connect your personal Facebook profiles to Sendible. This includes scheduling and publishing posts to your personal Facebook profiles as well as monitoring your personal feeds (reading and responding to comments). The ability to schedule Milestones to business Pages will also be removed as part of this change.


Our FAQ below should address any questions you may have about this update:


Q. How does this affect me as a Sendible customer?

A) The following services will no longer be available from August 1, 2018 and will also be removed from your social media dashboard:


  • Publishing to personal Facebook profiles [Facebook Post]
  • Monitoring posts and comments for personal Facebook profiles [Facebook Stream]
  • Scheduling Milestones on Facebook Pages [Facebook Milestone]


If you are more technically minded, you can have a look at original post from Facebook about the planned API changes here.  


Q. Should I change my Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page?

A: Through API changes like this, Facebook highlights that third-party apps made to manage social media should be primarily used by businesses. If you use your personal profile as a business profile, we recommend that you make the switch now.

According to Facebook, “It's against the Facebook Terms to use your profile to represent something other than yourself (example: your business), and you could permanently lose access to your account if you don't convert it to a Page.




Q: I have messages scheduled to my personal Facebook profile. What should I do?


A: The posts you have scheduled from now until July 31st will go out as usual. If any posts have been scheduled on or after August 1, these will bounce and will be in the Bounced section of the dashboard where you can re-use them.


Q: I have scheduled Milestones for a Facebook Page I manage. What should I do?

A: Similar to the posts scheduled to personal Facebook profiles, any Milestones scheduled from now until July 31st will be published as usual. If you have Milestones scheduled to go out on or after August 1, these will bounce.


Q: I have drafted messages for the Facebook profile feed and/or Milestones. What will happen to these?


A: Your messages will remain in the Drafted section of the dashboard with no service selected OR the above services will be excluded from the selected services (granted you had chosen multiple services when creating the posts).


Q: I used to monitor the likes and comments I got on my personal Facebook profile but now I won’t be able to. What is the reason for this change?


A: Facebook is making these changes to protect the data and safety of its users. The limitation of not being able to see comments or manage personal Facebook profiles is one piece of the puzzle to help them on their mission.

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