Customizing Reports

This article has been put together to help you build your custom reports using the recommended steps below. Creating custom reports is a great way to customize each report depending on your client's requirements.

So what are the benefits?

  • Provide clients with customized reports
  • Pick from 3 customized options: Image, Text Area & Subheading

Below is a customized report example:




Let’s now recreate this together!

1) Log in to your Sendible Account

2) Click on the Measure section of the dashboard

3) Where you see Manage reports, click on Report Builder

4) You can now create a report as you normally would (add all the modules you wish to report on) A related article on how to build a report is linked here:

How Do I Create A Branded Report?

5) Once you have added the modules you wish to report on, it’s time to add your customized sections!

6) Click on +Add Module on the top of the screen

7) Now it’s completely up to you what you want to customize! You can pick out of 3 options, Image, Text Area & Subheading. For both text, type in Text & then click the + button this will then add these 2 modules to your report. For adding an image, simply type in Image and then click +. See below for reference:





8) Once you have added your chosen modules, your report will look similar to below:




9) Now the fun happens - It's time to get customizing! To edit the Subheading, simply click on the button in the box & in the drop down click Rename.



10) Same steps for adding text as step 9.

11) To add your image, simply click Upload Image.





Please Note:
You are able to also rename each title above, e.g. 'Upload custom image', 'Subheading' etc. Also, you are able to add as many customized modules as you wish, simply just keep clicking on the + and they will appear in your report! 


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