What is a Service within Sendible?

Essentially a Service is an interaction with any social network (Facebook or Twitter), blog (WordPress) or an app (Slack). Note that keyword monitoring, an RSS Feed Auto-Poster and other such automation are also considered as services.

Please Note:
It’s key to know the difference between a posting and streaming service, and this is covered below

What is a posting Service?

posting service sends out pushes information to the social network. This includes publishing content you have written and scheduled in our tool, for example, on Twitter or Facebook.

What is a Streaming Service?

streaming service pulls information from social networks and allows you to read and respond to messages without leaving the dashboard. These messages appear within the Engage section's individual streams, allowing you to respond to all mentions in a timely manner.

Other streaming services include:

Mentions, Direct MessagesTwitter Lists and Keyword Searches that appear within the Engage section once set up.

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