Recommendations for building a custom email template

Let's get started building a custom email template:


This article has been put together to help you build your custom email templates using the recommended image and font sizes listed below.


Setting up email templates is a great way to send customized emails directly from the Sendible dashboard.


So what are the benefits of custom email template?


  • Pick from 6 pre-built layouts to create gorgeous emails using our intuitive drag & drop interface.
  • Publish email templates into client's content libraries so they can easily draft their own campaigns.
  • Give clients control to create their own email templates without any HTML coding experience required.


Below is a step by step guide showing you how to create your very own email template:


1) Log in to your Sendible Account

2) Click on to the Content section of the dashboard

3) On the drop-down menu, select  My Content

4) In your Content Library, select Add Content



5) You will have four different choices to add content, select the Email Templates option



6) The email template builder will open. You can then choose a layout to get started, Choose one of our designs from the area on the right



7) Once you've selected your template, select an aspect within the template to edit, or add a new one by dragging one of the current three aspects onto the template:

Text: If you drag the text element on your template – on the right-hand side you’ll see a text editor enabling you to customize the formatting.

Please Note:
recommended font size for the header section is 22 to 25



Picture: If you drag an image box on your template – on the right-hand side you’ll see the image editor. You can either type in the URL of the image or click on ‘Select Image’ on the template to select an image from your media library. You can also customize the look of the image and whether the images link to if clicked.

Please Note:
recommended format for images are JPEG, PNG and GIF.


Button: If you drag the button box on your template- on the right hand you’ll see the button editor. You can customize the look of the button as well as where click leads to.


Important recommendations for Image sizes, Font sizes, Latouts etc:

  •         Text Boxes - Body font size 14 to 16
  •         Line Height - 20px to 30px
  •         Header Font Size - 22 to 2


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