Where can I see profiles which have been shared with me?

This page covers checking profiles that have been shared with your account from another user account so that you can confirm who the profile owner that shared the profile with you is if the profile needs to be reconnected or similar.

Please note:
Profiles from Shared With Me view are "Read Only" only the owners of the profile have edit rights.

1. Click Profiles from the top navigation bar.

2. Select Shared With Me from the drop down.


3. From here you can filter by Profile type.

4. You can also search for the name of the Profile being shared.

5. The list of Profiles will appear here, if none appear on here it would mean that the profile has been added directly on the account and can be found under Profiles > My profiles.


6. The initials for the user account that shared the profile with you will be displayed to the right of the profile where options like Delete and Edit would normally be displayed. Hover over the initials to view the full name of the user account as shown below:


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