Getting Started with the New Top Navigation Bar

We made some exciting changes to the Top Nav Bar, this article explains what's new in detail.


1. Switch Users has been renamed to Switch Dashboards

This feature is exactly the same as the Switching Users.

2. Click the Cog icon to change user settings for the dashboard you are viewing.

3. Click Switch To My Dashboard switch back to the user you have logged in as.

4. Click one the users listed to switch to their dashboard.

5. Click Manage Users to view all your users.

6. You can create new users directly from the popup by clicking on New User.



7. Change the timezone

Select the clock to quickly edit your Local Timezone.


8. Notifications Popup

The notifications that require you to take action appear in this popup. 



9. Setup Wizard

Click the wizard icon to help you get started with Sendible.


10. Help and Announcements Popup

11. The question icon (as per point 10) will change to a pink exclamation mark whenever there are any new announcements.

12. Various Training options available to get you started using Sendible.

13. Having issues? We're here to help, choose your preferred way to reach out to us.


14 Settings Popup

15. User preferences for the user you are currently logged in as.

16. A list of admin options to manage your account (Team Member and Clients accounts do not have access to this).

17. Depending on the browser you're using you will see either a Google Chrome Extension or a Bookmarklet which allows you to quickly schedule and share links.

18. Signing out options.




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