Facebook and Instagram Functionality Changes - Last Updated 11/09/2020

This page will be updated on a regular basis as and when new information relating to Facebook and Instagram updates becomes available.

You may prefer to bookmark this page and check it if you come across any issues with using Sendible. If the issues you encounter are not mentioned on the page, submit a support ticket with as many details as possible (including screenshots, profile type and specific messages) as this will help us deal with your queries faster.

Last updated: March 23rd, 2020


Instagram API restrictions

As part of Facebook's consolidation with Instagram and their focus on security improvements, we've been made aware that Facebook will be removing access to some of Instagram's API functionalities on December 11th 2018.

What this means for you:

  • Instagram Search Stream: We will temporarily remove this as a profile while we look into integrating this functionality via Facebook’s API.
  • Keyword and Brand Monitoring Profiles: We will no longer be able to pull results from Instagram for Keyword and Brand Monitoring profiles. We are looking at ways to bring this back in the future.
  • Priority Inbox, Instagram Steams and Task replies: When replying to comments on Instagram posts within Sendible, you will be directed to the Instagram website to reply from there.

All other Instagram functionality that you’ve come to love within Sendible will continue to work as normal.

However, we strongly recommend that, if you haven’t already, you migrate yours and/or your client’s Instagram accounts to Instagram Business Accounts as Facebook plans to fully migrate the Instagram API over to Facebook within the next 2 years.


Facebook Profile profiles and Facebook Page Milestones

As of August 1, 2018, you will no longer be able to connect your personal Facebook profiles to Sendible. This includes scheduling and publishing posts to your personal Facebook profiles as well as monitoring your personal feeds (reading and responding to comments). The ability to schedule Milestones to business Pages will also be removed as part of this change.

This year has seen a lot of change from key players in social media like Facebook. The removal of the above functionality, or rather the deprecation of the APIs (the connections we use to create features) is part of a series of changes imposed by Facebook to ensure a "more robust app review process and more data protections for the people who use our products”.

Rest assured: Your Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Groups and other Facebook profiles will continue working as usual and will not be affected.

We know that this is discouraging news, especially with so much change happening this year, but we are glad to confirm that even though some functionality is being taken away by Facebook, our team is working vigorously to bring new features to you very soon.

How this affects you as a Sendible customer?

The following profiles will no longer be available from August 1, 2018 and will also be removed from your social media dashboard:

  • Publishing to personal Facebook profiles [Facebook Post]
  • Monitoring posts and comments for personal Facebook profiles [Facebook Stream]
  • Scheduling Milestones on Facebook Pages [Facebook Milestone]

Please see our FAQ about this which should address any questions you have relating to this update.



Facebook Groups are back for White Labels and Rebranded Facebook Apps: Applicable from April 25, 2018

We have now been able to re-enable access to Facebook Groups for White Labels and Rebranded Apps. You can now set up Facebook Group profiles as normal. 

Please Note: When you Add or Reconnect a Facebook Group profile, whether you're using a White Label or Rebranded Facebook App, this profile will be directed through a generic "Sendible" Facebook App which links to Google Search as this was required to re-enable functionality for Facebook Groups. 



Facebook Groups are back

Applicable from April 16, 2018

We've been working with Facebook to re-gain access to Facebook Groups and are happy to announce that we now have access again. This is, however, still restricted in some cases. This is something we're still working on with Facebook and will provide further information as and when we have this.

Restrictions are applicable if you are a White Label or have purchased rebranding for Facebook. In this case, if you wish to connect and post to a Facebook Group:


White Labels:

You'll need to log into the Sendible site directly from here. Once you've done this, the option to add a Facebook Group will be displayed. Please note: the connection will be made via the Sendible App so will display Sendible:

1. When connecting the profile.

2. Under the Apps area of the relevant Facebook Admin.

3. May display that the posts are sent via Sendible though is normally not displayed in this case.


Rebranded Apps:

You will need to add Facebook Groups via the standard Facebook Groups option under Profiles > Facebook > Facebook Groups. The option to add Facebook Groups profiles under the Rebranded tab is still not available.

Please note: As above, the connection will be made via the Sendible App so will display Sendible:

1. When connecting the profile.

2. Under the Apps area of the relevant Facebook Admin.

3. May display that the posts are sent via Sendible though is normally not displayed in this case.

What's happening?

Facebook is currently making changes to the way that all third parties and partners like Sendible access Facebook users' data in order to ensure that this information protected. This was sparked by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Facebook is working hard to win back the trust of their users and protect their privacy going forward.

While these changes will impact the profiles and functionality that Sendible offers for the Facebook and Instagram platforms, we support these changes as they are in the best interests of users on Facebook and Instagram. 

In this first round of changes, the following profiles and features on Sendible will be affected:

Update: April 9, 2018



Facebook functionality changes

Applicable from April 11, 2018

Facebook Groups

No third parties or partners of Facebook will be able to access Facebook Groups in any way. Facebook is reviewing it's integrations for Groups and may bring this functionality back in a limited capacity at a later stage.

What we're doing:

  • The ability to set up new Facebook Group profiles will be removed from the dashboard until Facebook's review period has concluded. If they confirm that they will support interacting with Facebook Groups again, this will be added back.



Facebook Searches

Applicable from February 24, 2020

Facebook has been making continuous strides to protect the information that's shared and stored on their platform.

We too want to protect the privacy of people who have public conversations on Facebook. Therefore, we are removing the ability for Sendible users to search for public conversations on Facebook as this will no longer be supported on Facebook's end.

Please note that you will still be able to monitor comments, answer direct messages and engage with people who interact with your Facebook Page(s). The live search for Twitter will still be available as well.

Applicable from April 4, 2018

As of April 4th, Facebook is no longer supporting the Search portion of their API for the foreseeable future. This means that the following features will no longer function:

  • Facebook Page tagging.
  • Displaying Facebook Profile/Page information.
  • Searching for Facebook users when adding a contact.
  • Searching for Instagram users when adding a contact.

 Whilst this is not immediately impacting Live Facebook Searches or the ability to bring through results from Facebook for Keyword and Brand Monitors, this may be impacted at a later stage.

What we're doing:

The following functionality will be removed from the dashboard:

  • Tagging of Facebook Pages from the Compose Box.
  • The option to view Facebook Page/Profile information.
  • The ability to search for Facebook and Instagram profiles when adding a contact.





Instagram functionality changes

Applicable from March 23rd, 2020

As of the 23rd March 2020, you can now retrieve reporting analytics with the Instagram Direct Posting profile within Sendible.

This means that using just the Instagram Business Profile you will be able to:

  • Post directly on Instagram.
  • Retrieve reporting analytics for the connected Instagram account.
  • Including a first comment to go out with each post #Awesome
  • Geo-tagging locations to improve your reach and discoverability

Why we are making this change:

At the end of March 2020, Instagram will be reducing the functionality offered on Personal Profiles when using third parties. The integration will now be fully hosted via Facebook’s API which currently only supports Instagram Business Profiles.

Applicable from April 10, 2018

As of April 10th, Instagram is no longer supporting the majority of functionality which was available via their old API platform. This will not affect posting to Instagram profiles (including Instagram Business profiles) as that's supported by Facebook and Instagram Post profiles. However, this does mean that the following profiles and features for Instagram will not be supported for the foreseeable future:

  • Instagram Auto Likes profile (also known as the Instagram automation app).
  • Displaying Instagram user information.
  • Commenting on posts where the post has not been created by the user looking to comment on that post.
  • Reporting data for Instagram will be pulled less frequently as they are limiting the amount of data that third-party apps like Sendible can request.
  • Instagram Streams will be view only -- the ability to like and unlike Instagram posts and to follow and unfollow Instagram users will no longer be possible.

What we're doing:

The following functionality will be removed from the dashboard:

  • The ability to create new Instagram Auto Likes profiles. Existing Instagram Auto Likes profiles will be removed on or shortly after the date above.
  • The ability to view more information about an Instagram user.
  • The ability to like and unlike Instagram posts.
  • The ability to follow and unfollow Instagram users.
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