Troubleshooting WordPress issues

This page covers the steps you should take if you're experiencing issues posting to your WordPress blog as these are usually due to:

  • Incorrect information being provided when the profile was set up, eg. login details. 
  • Issues with the settings on the WordPress site itself which means that our integration cannot successfully communicate with your WordPress blog.

Most are fairly simple to troubleshoot so please review the steps below to make sure everything is setup correctly.

Are you using the correct WordPress integration?

Sendible integrates with 2 types of WordPress blog, (Hosted) and (Self-hosted). The self-hosted option is usually available as an auto installer within your Web Host.

You might simply be using the wrong WordPress integration. The WordPress blog profile is for the free blog that is hosted on their own servers. Whereas, the self-hosted WordPress blog profile is for the paid version of, where your blog is one that resides on your own server, or you can also pay a third-party to host your blog.


Tip: (Hosted) takes care of all of the hosting for you. You don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server. Click here to find out more about the difference between the two.


Are you using the correct Blog URL?

When entering the Blog URL for this profile, please make sure that you enter the main URL, and not the URL for the page the blog is located in. Our system requires just the URL for the WordPress site and will post any updates to the associated blog automatically so the URL required is:

Correct:                                                                                                        Incorrect: 

Important Note:
Also, make sure you’re entering the correct protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) because entering the wrong protocol will cause your posts to not post because the connection has not been established correctly.


Are you receiving a 'Forbidden' error when trying to post?

If you’re receiving the bounced message "Forbidden", this usually means that the hosting site of the blog has a firewall blocking the posts. 

a) XMLRPC.PHP may be disabled. Please enable this by following the steps outlined here: How to enable XMLRPC.PHP

b)  The categories you enter in the “Default Categories” field when setting this profile up, may also affect your ability to connect to a Wordpress profile.

Please bear in mind, Sendible does not create categories, and so you can only enter categories that have already been added within WordPress. 

Please click on that Wordpress profile in the My profile page, and then

1. Remove the categories you have added in the Default Categories

2. Click on "Save Settings" 



Now, you should be able to post to your WordPress account without any issues, however, if you’re still not able to do so, please contact our support team by creating a support ticket here.


Is your xmlrpc.php is accepting POSTs?

This is the page that Sendible uses to communicate with when posting to a WordPress blog. To do this, use the same url for your WordPress site but instead of wp-login you add ‘/xmlrpc.php’ i.e’.

You should see one of these messages:

  1. You should see “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only”.  (This is correct)
  2. If you get an Error code of 404 (Page not found).
    This means this page moved or renamed. You will need to put in the correct page URL into the ‘Blog's Url’ field in the setup of the profile on Sendible. This should then work.
  3. If you get an Error code of 403 (Forbidden)
    This means that the WordPress site probably has XMLRPC disabled. If it is disabled, please look to enable it, otherwise Sendible will not be able to send post requests to the related server.

For the above, you can use the following doc to help re-enable that page so it will accept requests:

Is your web host blocking XML-RPC connections?

If you have set up to allow connections and everything is set up correctly we would recommend checking with your web hosting company as this may be disabled "server wide" which means that it would override your setting.

Have you turned off all WordPress plugins?

From time to time,  certain plugins may be blocking access for posting messages from third-party integrations. The next step would be to check the plugins.

Turn all the plugins off and try to post again as sometimes certain plugins can interfere when connecting to the blog.

To do this, go to: Plugin > Installed Plugins > Select all > Deactivate > Apply

Still an issue?  

No worries!
We'll take over from here, please submit a support ticket and ensure you mention you have taken the 5 typical troubleshooting steps and if you can provide screenshots of the issue and the steps you took to replicate the issue, even better!

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