How can I change the configuration of my White Label?

This article covers the following topics which will help you adjust your White Label configuration so that it matches your needs:

  • Changing General Settings.
  • Changing Tracking & Widgets.
  • Changing Url Shortening.
  • Changing API details.

1. To get to the White Label settings area, you'll need to be logged in as an Admin on your White Label. Once you are, select the Settings icon in the top right of the screen and then select the White Label Settings option from the menu.


2. The Company Details section, where the general settings for your White Label can be changed, will be selected by default. Select the System Configuration option from the menu to the right of the page.


General Settings

3. The Default Language field allows you to set which language your dashboard will be displayed in. Please note that this will be applied to all users under your White Label as this cannot currently be set individually for each user account under your White Label.

4. Under the Support URL field, you can add in a support site or page you've created for your users or an email address that support queries from your users should be directed to. This should be an email address for your company and, if needed, you can then contact our support desk for assistance addressing user queries and issues. If you're including an email address, please insert a mailto tag, eg.


Tracking & Widgets

5. You can add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to collect information about how your users are using your White Label.

6. If you'd like to add a feature like Live Chat or another type of widget to your White Label, once you have the HTML for the widget, you can add this into the Custom HTML Widget Code text box once you've selected the Edit HTML Widget Code link.

Please Note:
Our site may not be compatible with all widgets. You will be able to preview a version of your White Label with the widget applied but, if it's not compatible, an error message will be returned. If this happens, please contact us with the widget code you tried to add so we can advise you further.


Url Shortening

7. If you'd like to set a default shortener on your White Label, you can select this under the Default URL Shortener dropdown. Users will still be able to set the shortener they want to use individually under their own user accounts if they want to.

8. If you have an account with and have set as your default shortener, you can add in your account details so that your links are shortened with a vanity URL if you've paid for this on your account and can track links through your account.


API details

9. The API Details field displays API details you can use when making Calls to our API. We currently only support SSO integration via our API. Please contact your sales agent or customer success manager if you'd like to discuss access.

10. Once you've made any updates you need to, select the Save button to make sure your changes are reflected.



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