How to add Slack as a Profile?

We've integrated with Slack in order to allow our users receive the same updates they would receive in their Priority Inbox via Slack.

Adding Slack as a Profile

1. Select Profiles at the top of the dashboard

2. Click on Add Profiles

3. When the new page loads, select Apps from the list to the right.

 4. Where the Slack profile is listed, click Add.


5. If you're not already logged into Slack, you will be prompted to do this. If you are already logged in or one you have logged in, authorize the App. 



6. Provide a name for the profile. 

7. Select which of your Slack channels you want to post to from the Slack Channel dropdown menu. You can then select how you want the posts to appear.

8. Once you're happy with your settings, click the Save Settings button and that profile will then be available in the Compose Box for you to select and post to.





Using Slack for Notifications

9. Now that you've added Slack as a profile, the next time you edit a Profile that allows you to receive updates in your Priority Inbox and/or via email, you'll also be able to select to receive updates on the Slack channel you added in the previous steps.



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