Why is my keyword monitor not working?

The reason that little to no results may be coming through for this monitor is that currently most users on most social networks do not disclose their location and even when they do, the searching facilities on these social networks do not give us the option of filtering by location (e.g. Facebook).

Even when they do, sometimes they still cannot provide results for a particular location because their own systems allow users to input the name of the country and not the cities (e.g. Twitter). This is the problem where people do not put their location in (due to privacy, indifference, etc.) or input their location as a country in which case Twitter will ignore those users when our system checks there for relevant results which match the search parameters you've outlined when setting up the service.

We recommend you set your keyword search to monitor all countries and only resort to filtering it by location if you are getting too many results: Set "Only from this country" to "Any".

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