How do I check LinkedIn settings or revoke and reconnect LinkedIn?

This page covers additional troubleshooting steps to take if you've already tried reconnecting your LinkedIn service but this hasn't been successful. 

Please Note:
If you're unable to post out to LinkedIn, it may be due to your LinkedIn settings being too strict and not allowing us to connect to your account.


The following instructions will help us connect to your account:

1. Please login to LinkedIn and go to Settings and Privacy located under 'Me'.


On the Settings and Privacy page please scroll down to Permitted Services, you will have either of these options depending on the type of account you have with Sendible:

2.  If you have a normal Sendible account, click 'Remove' for Sendible.

3. However, if you have a While Label account, please look for 'this site' and click 'Remove' beside it.


4. When reconnecting the service again within Sendible you will be asked to give permission to allow Sendible to post on your behalf, please ensure you click 'Allow'.



These steps should now allow you to post successfully to your LinkedIn service. 

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