Image Services on Sendible

Sendible integrates with a variety of social media services for images, including Instagram, Flickr, and SlideShare.

Click here to learn how to add SlideShare

Here's how to add your Flickr account to Sendible:

1. Select Services at the top of the dashboard and then Photo and Video from the list to the right.


2. Where the Flickr service is listed, click Add.



3. If you're not already logged into Yahoo, you will be prompted to do this. If you are already logged in or one you have logged in, authorize the App.



 4. Provide the username or email address for your Flickr account. Then, click the Save Settings button and that service will then be available in the Compose Box for you to select and post to.



How to add SlideShare:

The steps to add your SlideShare account are quite similar.

1. Go to Services and then click on Photo and Video from the right-side of the page. Then, click Add where SlideShare is shown.


2. Enter the username and password for your SlideShare account and then click on Save Settings. This service will now be available to select in the Compose Box for you to post to. 


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