Image Profiles on Sendible

Sendible integrates with a variety of social media profiles for images, including Instagram and Flickr.

Here's how to add your these accounts to Sendible:


If you want to send more than one image to Instagram, check out  How do I add an Instagram Reminder Profiles?. With this profile, you'll need to manually push the posts at the scheduled time.

If you only have one image to post and want to do this without manually pushing the posts, check out How do I add an Instagram Posting (Business Profiles) Profile?.




1. Select profiles at the top of the dashboard

2. Then select Apps from the menu to the right.

3. Where the Flickr profile is listed, click Add.




4. If you're not already logged into Yahoo, you will be prompted to do this. If you are already logged in, please see step 5 about authorizing the App.




5. Click on the "OK, I'll authorize it" option in order to allow Sendible the necessary permissions for you to be able to use this profile.




6. Provide the username or email address for your Flickr account. Then, click the Save Settings button and that profile will then be available in the Compose Box for you to select and post to.


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