Is there a way that I can have clients add their social accounts or pages without providing their login details?

Yes, This can be done using an add-on feature called Client Connect.


What is Client Connect?


Client Connect is a feature that enables users to add social media accounts to a White Label dashboard, without having to go into the dashboard directly. Allowing your clients to add social media accounts in this way not only saves you from creating user accounts, but also eliminates the need to request access information for social media accounts i.e. passwords.


We’ll send through a code which will need to be added to a site created by you. If you need assistance doing this, we can help for an additional charge. Selecting the buttons on the page, as shown in the image above, will allow clients or similar to add services to a specific user account which is predefined by you. Services can then be transferred to other user accounts on your plan if needed.


When a user adds a service via the Client Connect widget they will be asked to provide their email address and name. This is requested so that our system can send out emails to them if a service needs to be reconnected.

The system will also send an email notification to you when a service is added via Client Connect.



How can I request Client Connect?


You can do this using the form available here.


How exactly can I use Client Connect?


A useful scenario to picture how this works is to imagine you’re managing many clients whom you won’t be creating White Label accounts for.


Set up a Client Connect page linked to your White Label account. Once this is set up and ready, share the Client Connect page with your clients.


By selecting the appropriate button, your clients will be able to add their social media account to your White Label. Once a user adds a social media account it will become instantly available in your White Label dashboard, where it can be used in the same way you would any other service.

How do I enable Client Connect on my site?


Client Connect requires a very basic understanding of HTML code. You must be able to add HTML and JavaScript to a page in the correct places.


The process of adding Client Connect code to your site will vary depending on who hosts your site. It’s usually as simple as adding a HTML element where you wish the connect buttons to appear and a JavaScript snippet to the footer of the page.


Again, if you need assistance with this, we can provide this but it will cost an additional amount of $100 per hour (the time taken will vary depending on the hosting site you’re using).


Can I change how the buttons look?


For the best experience with Client Connect we recommend adding styling to the connect buttons through a coding language called CSS.


The Client Connect buttons are by default unstyled and appear as just a button with text describing service. We will provide basic CSS styling to improve the button's appearance and you can decide whether you wish to use these styles or create your own.

What documentation do you provide?


We will provide a guide that details the technical aspects of using this feature.

What if our team can’t code?


If you don’t have a technical member of the team confident working with code we can help with the process. Please talk to your sales rep about this if you have not outlined this when submitting the details for your Client Connect widget via the appropriate form.

What information do I need to provide for setup?


We need to know (this information will be requested on the Client Connect form):


  • The user account services will be added to
  • The services you wish to create connect buttons for


A list of services can be found by navigating to the Services area on your White Label account. Let us know which native social media networks you want your users to be able to add from your website, e.g. a Facebook Page Posting Service, a Twitter Stream, Google+ Pages or Instagram Scheduling service.




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