What is Client Connect and how do I set it up?

Client Connect is a feature that enables your clients to add their social media accounts as Profiles via your own website. The Profiles will be added to the main admin user on your account, even if the widget has been set up when logged into another user account when selecting to set up Client Connect. You may then need to transfer or share or profiles to other user accounts. Client Connect is provided so that your clients don't need to give you the login details for their social accounts.  

The system will automatically send an email notification to you when a profile is added via Client Connect.

How exactly can I use Client Connect?

A useful scenario to picture how this works is to imagine you’re managing many clients for whom you won’t be creating Sendible accounts.

Set up a Client Connect page on your website linked to your Sendible account. Once this is set up and ready, share the Client Connect page with your clients.

By selecting the appropriate button, your clients will be able to add their social media account to your Sendible account. Once a user adds a social media account it will become instantly available in Sendible, where it can be used in the same way you would any other profile.

How can I add Client Connect to my website?

You can find Client Connect within your dashboard, please follow these steps:
1. Go to Profiles and click Add Profiles


2. On the right side of the page, at the bottom of the categories, click the Client Connect box


3. Once prompted, enter your website domain name, for example, https://www.mywebsite.com. Please do include the "https://" part.


Important Note:
The target domain must be the exact site address. For example, if www is missing, then only add https://mywebsite.com.

4. Select all the types of Profiles you would like to add to your Client Connect widget.

Please Note:
The following profile types cannot be added via Client Connect: Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, Instagram Reminders, WordPress blogs.

5. Then click the Generate Code button.


6. Click the Copy To Clipboard button and paste it into your website.

7. Once you've copied it click the Done button to close the window.

Important Note:
If you are embedding the code into a Wix blog when you are in edit mode, you will receive the error Client Connect is not available on this domain. However, once you publish the page, the widget will display.


Please Note:
We only provide the code for the widget, we do not provide support on installing or customizing the widget.
Upgrade your Sendible account to Pro or Large plans in order to remove the "Powered by Sendible" link on your widget.

Can I change how the buttons look? 

For the best experience with Client Connect, we recommend adding styling to the connect buttons through a coding language called CSS.

The Client Connect buttons are by default unstyled and appear as just a button with text describing the profile. We will provide basic CSS styling to improve the button's appearance and you can decide whether you wish to use these styles or create your own.

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