Why is my RSS Feed not being accepted?

If there's an issue with the RSS Feed you're looking to add to Sendible, our system will not be able to recognise it and will see the RSS Feed as invalid.

You can check what the issue is with the RSS Feed you're looking to add by putting the URL for the RSS Feed on this page:


If it's your own RSS Feed that you've created, you should be able to make the changes yourself. If it's not your RSS Feed or you're unsure how to address the issues with your RSS Feed, you should put the RSS Feed through a site like:


By creating a digest of that RSS Feed, any problems with the RSS Feed should be addressed so that you can add it to Sendible successfully.

For a guide to creating a digest using Feed Informer, please see:


If you're still unable to add the RSS Feed, please send the original RSS Feed URL and the digest URL to support@sendible.com so that we can check this and assist you with adding your RSS Feed.

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