What's good social posting behaviour?

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram expect that you will post content to your channels that not only adheres to their terms and conditions but also creates a positive environment for other users of that social network as essentially social posting should be posting and should aim to engage and start conversations rather than being purely promotional posting or similar which can lead to a negative environment.

Below are some of the posting behaviours that lead to a negative environment and can cause issues with regards to posting to your social channels:

Spam - sending out content which has no benefit to your audience other than selling products.

Irrelevant - posts that have nothing to do with where you are posting them.

Trolling - being argumentative, and making people angry or frustrated.

Repetition - people don't like repetitive behaviours.


We have some safeguards added into Sendible to reduce the likelihood of the above behaviours such as:

  • Posting limits so that you can only post out a certain number of social posts per day from a user account.
  • Only being able to schedule posts to repeat a maximum of once per day.
  • Providing the option to use Queues to make posts look more organic.

You may still hit what are called ‘Throttle limits’ where a social site suspends your social account or Page because you’re posting too often so please bear in mind that it’s not about quantity but quality when it comes to social media posting.

It’s also worth noting that social sites are becoming more active when it comes to this type of posting behaviour meaning that you may find that related posting profiles on your Sendible account are often disconnected which is done from the social site’s end and that, if the behaviour continues they may suspend or delete your social account or page entirely.

There is only so much that we can do on our end to help our users adhere to correct posting behaviour so it’s ultimately up to you as the user to ensure that you’re posting relevant and engaging content.

With this in mind, we’ve provided lots of articles to help you easily stick to correct posting behaviours and features to help make this as easy as possible such as Suggested Content so that you can easily search for articles of interest to your audience and RSS Feed integration so that you can add a post content from relevant RSS Feeds.

For more information about correct posting behaviour, why this type of behaviour is more beneficial to gaining a wider audience that are more engaged with what you’re posting and how to use the tools we provide to help you stick to this type of posting behavior, please see the following articles:



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